Welcome to Bradford Gamers Society

We aim to be an open gaming group for gamers of any age to come join us in Bradford in a fun friendly environment. We play a mix of stuff including wargaming, CCG's (collectible card game ), board games and Roleplay. If you want a place to play or socialise with Gamers and Geeks, please come and check us out.

In addition to our website we also have a Facebook group:http://<www.facebook.com/#!/groups/382809335093987/

About us:

Gaming is Friday Night from 4 pm till 10

Entance is free for first timers but for regular players the fee is £2.00. Please note that as off feb 2014 we reduced the fee down to £2.00 and this will be reviewed every couple of weeks dependant upon member numbers

We have a small tuck shop but failing that there is a fully licensed bar on the premises every other week.

Please note under 18yrs will require the supervision of at least two adults, these can be any club members over the age of 18. We prefer to meet the child's guardian to discuss any possible issues e.g. Allegies, illnesses,possible conditions.

At present we play a mix of games including but not restricted to

We have lots of people who are willing to teach beginners and most members are prepared to try games out. So please feel free to sign up on the forums and ask for a game.





Black crusuade RPG
12/3/16 Guildball tournament

18/3/16 Black crusuade RPG

19/3/16 Button Mash Club outing

20/3/16 Sheffield Triples club outing


05/2/16 Black crusuade RPG

19/2/16 Black crusuade RPG


08/1/16 Black crusuade starts and runs fortnightly. Places still avaliable

15/1/16 Halo Iron man league starts. £5 entry https://www.facebook.com/events/1085153894850328/ for more information.

22/1/16 Black crusuade RPG


12th December Bradford Winter Ball (Guildball Tournament)



All Through the month we have Guildball action going on with the league.



October 30th  Halloween Themed night. 1 off Rp, spookie games, and video games all night long.

October 9th & October 23rd Guildball League Continues.



Sepember 4th & September 18th Firefly Rp continues

September 11th MTG Orgains Booster Draft.

September 11th & September 25th Guildball League continues

September 19th Bradford Summer Ball Tournament. Guildball



August 7th & August 21st FireFly Rp.

August 8th Running Batman Minture Game at Hamcon Halifax.   

August 14th & August 28th D&D 4th

August 28th Guildball League Starts



July 3rd, July 17th & July 31st D&D 4th



June 5th & June19th D&D 4th
June 26th AGM


01/15/15 Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition Roleplay Catch up session

08/05/15 Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition Roleplay

22/05/15 Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition Roleplay

23/05/15 Boardgames event at Balanga

29/05/15 Super Smash Bros upstairs


10/4/15 Dungen and dragons 4th editon roleplay begins 

17/4/15 Magic the gathering booster tourament pre book place £10 entry fee £12 on the night


13/3/15 Bolt action league continues

27/3/15 Bolt action league finishes


13/2/15 Valentines day massacre retro xbox halo tournament £5 entry fee £15 game prize

20/2/15 Bolt action league continues


02/1/15 Opening for the new year

16/1/15 Bolt action league starts 


We are found on Friday evenings at .

          Bradford Deaf Centre,
          25 Hallfield Road,
          West Yorkshire, 
          BD1 3RP









Club Organiser - Any club queries

Webmaster - Any website queries, please contact me.




Published on  April 7th, 2016